Caring for your teeth is as important as caring for your body. So when a dental emergency happens, your local dentist should be the first one you should call. In these cases, acting fast can mean saving precious seconds that could mean between saving and losing your teeth.

So how do you know which injuries need emergency? Find out below:

  • Knocked out tooth – When your tooth completely falls off, it can still be saved and re-implanted back in its place. You just have to go to your dentist immediately with the tooth, making sure not to touch the root and remove any tissue that may be attached to it. If you can’t place it back in the socket, it’s better to put it in a small clean container with a cup of milk.
  • Loose tooth – You can very gently put the tooth back in place or bite down to keep it from moving before going to the dentist. A splint will then be placed on each adjacent teeth to stabilize the loose tooth.
  • Chipped tooth – While a chipped tooth doesn’t hurt, it pays to give your dentist a quick visit so as to prevent the teeth from chipping more as you bite or chew. Your dentist may smooth a minor chip or use tooth coloured restoration to repair it.

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  • Fractured or cracked tooth – A fractured tooth is a serious dental emergency because it involves damage to the inside of the tooth. This is common in contact sports and accidents, where facial trauma is typical. If the soft tissue within the tooth is damaged, a root canal may need to be performed. Otherwise, you may only need a dental crown.
  • Other dental emergencies Other conditions that need immediate dental attention to save a tooth is an emergency. This can include severe pain, continuous bleeding, and severe infection.

Many of these dental emergencies can be prevented with regular visits to your dentist. Schedule an appointment with your Sunshine Coast dentist today!