A dental veneer is a thin layer of tooth-coloured composite or porcelain that is placed on the surface of your teeth. This requires a cosmetic procedure that covers tooth imperfections and minor problems that don’t require you to get orthodontics, dental surgery or extraction. The result is even, healthy-looking, and uniformly coloured teeth—and a more confident smile.

If you’re still on the fence whether you need dental veneers, read up on these reasons:

  1. When your teeth whitening just won’t cut it. Sometimes, tooth stains can go beyond your enamel and into the dentine, so whitening will not work to bring back the light into your pearly whites. Dental veneers provide you with an easy alternative to achieve that all-white smile.
  2. When chips, and cracks mar your smile. Left untreated, small chips and cracks can further damage your teeth and therefore cost more to fix. You can go ahead and reinforce your teeth and cover these imperfections now with layers of dental veneer.
  3. Gapped and misaligned teeth. Instead of braces, minor gaps and misalignment can be remedied by dental veneers.

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  1. Cheaper alternative. Instead of getting crowns, braces and other dental procedures, minor tooth imperfections can be easily fixed by veneers.
  2. Simple, painless, and quick procedure. Attaching dental veneers is an easy, non-invasive procedure. In as little as 3 quick visits to your Sunshine Coast dentist, you can already get custom veneers.
  3. Long-lasting option. With good oral hygiene, your dental veneer can last for up to 15 years.

With dental veneers, a few small layers can go a long way in changing your teeth and your smile. In fact, veneers can even change your life.

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