Let’s face it—visiting your dentist is most likely at the bottom of your priority list. That is, if it’s ever there at all. This is true especially if your supposed dental treatment can significantly take a big chunk off your finances.

However, if there’s really something wrong with your teeth and gums, you shouldn’t put off seeing your dentist just because it hurts both you and your pocket.

Here are 8 reasons why you shouldn’t delay getting yourself the dental care you need:

  1. Your dental condition would probably get worse.
  2. Worsened dental condition will lead to more complex procedures.
  3. More complex procedures mean bigger dental bills.
  4. It can also mean complete tooth loss.

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  1. It can affect your quality of life as you will prolong your discomfort and pain.
  2. It can affect your overall health, especially when tooth or gum infection and bone loss are concerned.
  3. Your confidence decreases due to your teeth’s appearance or worse, bad mouth odour.
  4. You can have the dental treatment you need with easy payment plans.

If those aren’t enough reason to go and set an appointment with your Sunshine Coast dentist right now, we don’t know what is.

At Battery Hill Dental here in Caloundra, we want to make sure your teeth are not only clean, white, and healthy—you’re also happy about it too. We want to give you more reasons to smile by providing affordable payment plans that stretch your total dental costs up to $9,000 across 15 months. With these light payments, you also don’t have to pay any interest, so you can rest easy in the dental chair.

Before treatment, just make sure you submit all the necessary requirements to our staff, who will then submit them for a quick credit check. Once approved, just pay the 20% deposit and a one-off $39 establishment fee—and you’re good to go get that dental care you need.

Don’t delay that dental treatment. Book your appointment at Battery Hill Dental today.