Lost a Dental Crown?

While crowns are sturdy and durable, they don’t last forever. The wrong bite, a loose bond, or injury are some of the reasons why you may lose your crown. No reason for panic, though—Battery Hill Dental is here to fix it for you.

Here at Battery Hill Dental, we offer you the best choices to restore your permanent crown depending on your specific needs. Sit back and feel like royalty as we save your tooth, avoid further damage and restore your winning smile.

Re-cement the crown
If you still have your crown in good condition and your tooth is still healthy, we can simply recement the crown snugly back into place.

New Crown
If your tooth is still in tip-top shape, but you lost your crown or the crown no longer fits so well, then we can create a new one for you. The new crown will be made sturdy and will look seamlessly like the rest of your teeth.

Removal of tooth
If the cause of the lost crown is due to decay on the underlying tooth, then we may conduct a tooth extraction or root canal treatment. Once the damaged anchoring tooth is removed, other restorative procedures such as a dental implant may be used.

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      Why does a crown fall off?

      Permanent crowns can come off due to many reasons. Typically, the crown itself may become debonded, or the underlying tooth may be damaged. While losing a crown may not be painful and is rarely an emergency, the underlying tooth may still be sensitive and is susceptible to infection.

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      You deserve the best treatment for your lost crown. At Battery Hill Dental, we make sure you’re not just comfortable but also attended to with the best care from our staff and dentists so you can leave us with your best smile.

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        Why does a crown fall off?

        Injury and trauma

        A sudden blow to the mouth, particularly your crown, can unseat it. Whether this is due to an accident, sports injury, or biting down on hard or chewy food, your crown can loosen, break, or completely come off.


        The space between the anchoring tooth and the crown can be filled with bacteria and acids that can cause tooth decay. This can happen when the crown doesn’t fit snugly around your tooth or if you have poor dental hygiene.

        Teeth grinding

        If you have a condition known as bruxism, or habitual teeth grinding and clenching, this can eventually wear out your crown and cause the bond to loosen from your tooth.

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