Straighten your teeth

Clear aligners are a great solution to slightly crooked or discoloured teeth. They straighten and whiten your teeth, without the expense or look of braces. Through clear aligners or short term braces, you can restore your confidence and smile more.

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Are you not smiling as much due to slightly crooked and discolored teeth? Clear aligners or short term braces could be a great option to get you smiling and confident again. If suitable, you could have straighter, whiter teeth in a matter of 6-12 months.

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Almost Invisible
Wear clear aligners all day. Most people can't tell the difference!

Straighten and Whiten Your Teeth - Simultaneously
Save time and money by whitening your teeth while you straighten them, saving the cost of a separate whitening treatment.

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    Here's how you reclaim your smile

    There are three ways to get started with clear aligners. Enquire online, ring us, or book directly to get started.

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      What are Clear Aligners?

      Our process consists of a thorough consultation and regular check-ups. At the first consultation, we will take photos, get impressions of your teeth, and walk you through your teeth-straightening options, including cost.

      Regular checkups are needed to ensure that your aligners are sitting correctly. We usually see patients every 2-6 weeks depending on each situation, and you receive a new set of aligners at each visit.

      The cost of clear aligners depends on how long you need them for, and the current state of your teeth. Interest-free payment plans are available, and you can use them for clear aligners.

      Don't be ashamed of your teeth

      There’s nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to misaligned teeth. Whether your teeth are a little bit crooked or discoloured, clear aligners can help bring your smile, your confidence, and your life back. Dr. Kris (pictured) and Dr. Luke can help you smile widely again.

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