If this is your first time to have a dental implant surgery, you may probably feel a mix of different emotions: fear and anxiety for the upcoming procedure, apprehension for the pain, and maybe even hope and excitement for getting new replacement teeth.

Whatever you’re feelings are, it is still best to know just what goes on during the dental implant procedure so you  can be better prepared for it. Let’s take a look at the procedure:a

  1. Your damaged tooth is extracted by your dentist.
  2. Your jawbone is prepared for the surgery that puts a titanium screw into it. In some cases, bone grafting may be required to reinforce a thin or soft jawbone.
  3. Your dentist will open your gum to expose the jaw bone. Your dentist will then drill into the bone to place the dental implant deep into the bone.

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  1. You have to rest your jawbone to heal for several months. This healing period is important for osseointegration, wherein your bone should attach to the screw.
  2. You go back to your dentist for the abutment, which is the metal extension of the implant. This means your dentist must open up your gum again to expose the implant from which to attach the abutment.
  3. The crown, or artificial teeth, will then be placed on the abutment. This crown is custom designed to match the rest of your teeth for an even smile and normal biting and chewing power.

The whole process may take anywhere between three to nine months, but most of the time is devoted to healing. During the surgery itself, you will be under sedation to make the procedure painless and to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible.

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