Mouthguards are primarily used for protecting the teeth from injury. Different mouthguards have different functions depending on your activity or condition. So, to ensure optimum protection, you have to choose the right mouthguard for you.

Different Kinds of Mouthguards

  1. Stock mouthguards are ready-to-wear. They are fairly inexpensive and can be bought from sporting goods and department stores. Therefore, you can’t adjust how it fits snugly in your mouth and can tend to be bulky. Often, breathing can be difficult, and dentists generally don’t recommend these mouthguards.If you’re doing light physical activities and don’t want to spend much, this mouth guard can be a fair choice for you.

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  1. Boil and bite mouthguards can also be bought from sporting goods stores. They are pricier than stock mouthguards and offer a better fit. They are made from thermoplastic material, which makes it respond to heat. You put it in hot water so it softens. You can then place it in your mouth and adjust with your fingers and tongue so it snugly moulds around your teeth.For a good balance between price and protection, you can opt for boil and bite mouthguards.
  1. Custom-fitted mouthguards are created in a professional dental laboratory and are based on your dentist’s measurements and impression of your mouth and teeth. The time, material, and work involved in this custom mouthguard makes it more expensive. However, it is pretty much worth the price because of the high level of comfort and protection it provides.This is best used by amateur and professional athletes who regularly engage in rough, strenuous activities as well as contact sports.

Other mouthpieces such as dental splints, meanwhile, are used for those who suffer bruxism or nocturnal teeth clenching or grinding.

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