Mouth and teeth Injuries are unexpected. However, do you know which one requires a trip to the nearest dentist?

Here’s how you can tell that you are in a dental emergency and need to urgently go to your nearest dentist.

  • Are you bleeding in your gums, teeth, tongue or any soft tissue in your mouth?
  • Are you in severe pain involving your teeth and gums?
  • Do you have at least one loose tooth?
  • Do you have at least one knocked out tooth?
  • Have you been hit in your face especially your mouth and jaw?

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  • Do you have any swelling in your mouth and jaw area?
  • Do you have swelling in your gums?
  • Do you have fever to infection in your teeth or gums?
  • Do you experience pain in your teeth or gums when biting down?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you have a dental emergency. You have to call your dentist immediately or go visit the clinic as soon as you can.

Remember to take with you any of the knocked out tooth that you have and store it properly until your dentist can take a look at it. Be sure to also thoroughly describe to your dentist what happened and how you are feeling.

Call or text your nearest dentist in Caloundra for any dental emergency.