How do you know when you need a dental x-ray?

This list will give you an idea when you should get dental x-rays. After all, dental x-rays are key in ensuring your dental health is in tip-top shape.

How Often Should You Get an X-Ray

Typically, if you’re seeing a dentist for the first time and if you haven’t had an x-ray yet, your dentist will ask you to get some. This will give them a better view of your teeth structure, placement, and any issues that can’t be seen on a routine dental exam. Afterwards, you may be required to get dental x-rays every two to three years.

There are, however, certain cases when you need to get dental x-rays for at least every six months. These are some conditions that require you to get frequent x-rays:

  • Children with growing and developing teeth may need to get frequent x-rays especially if they are at high-risk for tooth decay.
  • Adults who had extensive restorations done. Those who had fillings, bridges, crowns and implants may need to get x-rays so your dentist can see if you have decay hidden beneath your fillings.
  • People at high risk for bone loss. People who have gum disease as well as those who are heavy smokers need to get regular x-rays to monitor their condition and watch out for further complications of their periodontal disease.
  • People with xerostomia. People who have dry mouth due to medication and other health conditions are at high risk for cavities, which need to be identified and treated immediately.
  • High Risk Cases. If you tend to get holes more frequently in your teeth, you will be getting dental x-rays more frequently. This is so we can get on them earlier, rather then losing your tooth altogether later.

If you fit the following criteria or haven’t had dental x-rays for the past 3 years, you may consider getting a dental x-ray. Schedule an appointment with us today.