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Your kids aged 2 to 17 may be eligible for free dental coverage. Get them started on beautiful, healthy teeth. This strong foundation of good oral health can help them get started on the right track—confident and smiling.

Healthy teeth from a young age.

The Gap-Free Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) helps Medicare-eligible families provide a solid foundation of good oral health for their kids.

The CDBS offers a comprehensive collection of dental services for up to $1,000 per child for two consecutive years, if eligible. If you don’t use up the $1,000 during your first year, you can still use it in the second year.

Start good habits early
Get your children started on good dental habits with regular trips to your local dentist.

Identify potential issues
Identify potential dental problems before they get worse and become more expensive to fix.
Give your kids a solid dental foundation
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Get answers about children's dental

How do I get started with CDBS?
First confirm your children’s eligibility and balance through your Medicare account before calling your Caloundra dentist for an appointment. Let your kids’ dentist know your children’s eligibility for CDBS. In the dental clinic, your dentist will check your child and proceed with any necessary treatment. The dentist will also discuss any associated costs and you can sign the Medicare CDBS form.
What if my children’s treatment costs exceed $1,000?
If your children’s treatment exceeds the $1,000 ceiling, you will be immediately notified upon your appointment. Your dentist will discuss with you any suitable treatment options within the budget give you other options. No dental procedures will be done without your consent.
Am I going to pay for anything?
You will not pay anything as long as your children fit the eligibility requirements and your treatment costs don’t exceed the $1,000 cap. Our dentists at Battery Hill Dental do bulk billing of our patients to ensure that your children get the dental services that you need.
When should I bring my child to the dentist?
As soon as they have teeth and are comfortable. They can familiarise themselves with the dental environment, so your child doesn't develop dental anxiety. And if they get bored, we have children's movies and TV shows, and toys for them to play with.
My child may be anxious at the dentist
Totally understandable - we have little ones ourselves! In order to make them feel more comfortable, we show them our fun equipment, get them comfortable in the dental chair, and count teeth with them.