Dental services to help you.

Whether fixing your broken tooth or giving you confidence through cosmetic procedures, we're here to help.
general dental care

Maintain your teeth.

Checkup and Clean
The most important thing you can do for your mouth - regular x-rays, dental cleans, and a mouth examination.
Fillings, Root Canals and Extractions
Fix holes and broken teeth with tooth-coloured fillings, remove pain with root canals and tooth extractions.
Strengthen Cracked Teeth
Keep your existing tooth and make it stronger with a dental crown or dental bridge.
Children's Dentistry
Through the Child Dental Benefit Scheme, your child could receive free dental care. Our dentists put kids at ease.
Protect your Teeth in Sport
Too commonly people lose their teeth or fracture them badly because of ill-fitting mouth guards, or not wearing them at all. Get a mouth guard and protect your teeth.

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cosmetic dental care

Improve your smile.

Whiter Teeth
We have in-chair tooth whitening and take-home whitening kits, as well as appliances to straighten your teeth, for a Hollywood smile.
Straighter Teeth
Clear aligners are a great solution to slightly crooked or discoloured teeth. They straighten and whiten your teeth, without the expense or look of braces.
Even, Intact Teeth
Direct and Indirect Veneers to cover chipped teeth, as well as Tooth Bonding to change the shape of your teeth.
Emergency Dental Care
You may need urgent dental care if you have suddenly lost your crown or filling, or if a painful tooth ache has taken hold. We keep time free for these emergencies. Just ring us.
Sleep Dentistry
If you have trouble sleeping, we may be able to restore your sleep with a dental device, or create custom night guards to protect your teeth. And, if you're anxious, we can bring in an anesthetist so we can do dental work while you're asleep.