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Same Day Crowns

Why wait to protect your tooth? With our Same Day Crown service, you can enjoy a convenient, efficient and effective solution for your tooth - all on the same day.

Get your dental crown, quickly.

Imagine a world where getting a dental crown is no longer a drawn-out, inconvenient process. With the latest advancements in dental technology, you can now have your permanent crown milled and fitted in a single visit.

That's right, no more temporary crowns or multiple appointments weeks apart. This revolutionary approach streamlines the entire experience, saving you valuable time and effort.

Only one visit to the dentist
Stop a tooth infection from spreading by getting to the root of the problem.

No mess or goop to fit
We use a CEREC machine to create a digital impression, creating a better fit for your crown.
A better-fitting dental crown
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Fix your decayed tooth, fast

Walk in with a damaged tooth. Walk out with a dental crown.

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same-day dental crowns

Get answers about same-day dental crowns

What's the difference between a same-day crown and a dental crown?
Both same-day crowns and dental crowns perform the same function - protecting your tooth by 'crowning' it. But the main difference is time - you can get your dental crown in one appointment ('same-day') as opposed to multiple visits, which is what is traditionally required.
Are different materials used for same-day crowns?
Same-day and traditional crowns can use similar materials such as porcelain (e.max). Traditionally, dental crowns are made using porcelain or zirconia.
Will my insurance cover both types of crowns?
Most likely, yes. But you'll need to check with your health insurance to be sure.
Are there any conditions where a traditional crown is preferred over a CEREC crown?
If your situation is a bit more complex, we may opt for a traditional dental crown.