Our dental prices

We want to make dental care more accessible for everyone, so we publish our prices. To make sure your diagnosis is correct, book in for an examination so we can ensure you know exactly what is going on with your teeth.
New Patient Checkup & Clean
Our checkup and clean includes x-rays, photos and a teeth clean. If you don't have private health insurance, this service is $199. If you do, depending on your level of cover, it may cost you nothing out-of-pocket.
$199 or free
Children’s Checkup & Clean
Your child’s appointment will be free through Medicare (if eligible for CDDBS) or your private health insurance. If not CDDBS eligible or no private dental cover, fees range from (0-5yrs) $99, (6-15yrs) $139, (16yrs+) $179 .

Initial Children's Check and and Clean appointment - (16yrs+)  $199. This includes x-rays, OPG, clean and treatment plan.
$179 or free
Regular Checkup and Clean
This is the most important visit you'll need. Teeth, like cars, need regular servicing for prevention of significant problems that can accumulate in time.

After your initial examination and clean, we recommend a six-monthly clean to ward off gum disease and ensure your teeth are in good shape.
Deep Clean
If you have gum disease that is gnawing away at your bone, our deep clean helps treat your gums and protect them. This is usually done over two to four visits depending on severity.

Prices are no more than $270 per quadrant of the mouth. There are 4 quadrants in the mouth, but not all quadrants may require this level of cleaning.  If all quadrants need cleaning, $1080 for all four quadrants.
Simple Tooth Extraction
If you have a bad tooth infection, sometimes we can only remove it with a tooth extraction. Price includes a consultation and x-ray. If it's a complex extraction and needs to be surgically removed, it could cost up to $500.
Complex Tooth Extraction
Depending on the position and complexity of your tooth, a more extensive surgical procedure may be needed to remove your tooth.

The cost includes x-rays and consultation. The cost will be less if patient already has had an examination and/or x-ray.
Tooth Fillings
High quality tooth colored fillings cost between $210-$400 depending on the size of the cavity or broken tooth. You can have confidence knowing this before going in.
Root Canals
Our affordable root canals will save your tooth and get you out of pain. An anterior root canal costs $1100 (front teeth), and a posterior root canal costs $2100 (big back teeth) per tooth. If more root canals are needed for your tooth, the price may change.
Porcelain Dental Veneers
Restore your teeth with porcelain veneers. Small changes can go a long way to give you a whole new look and more confidence. Direct veneers are also available.
Dental Bridges
Replace your tooth with a dental bridge. Different types of dental bridges are available, at different price points. Treatment options may vary due to the type of bridge.
Same Day Crowns & Protective Restorations
Strengthen your decayed or broken tooth with a dental crown. Best of all, we can have your new crown ready on the same day. Teeth with limited damage can be protected through inlays and onlays, while more extensive tooth damage will require a full-coverage crown to protect loss of tooth.
In-Chair Tooth Rebuild
Where cost is an issue and a tooth is very compromised requiring a crown for protection, we may be able to offer an in chair tooth rebuild to get you chewing comfortably again.
To replace your teeth, we offer removable dentures as a cost-effective dental solution. Depending on the complexity, we may refer you to a denture specialist for the best result possible for you.
Teeth Bleaching
Our teeth bleaching kit whitens and brightens your teeth. We offer a free consultation and can bleach your teeth at the practice, or you can take home the tray with custom molds for your teeth.
Sports Mouth
Protect your teeth in active sports, with a custom-made mouth guard.
Dental Splints
If you grind your teeth, dental splints can help. Also known as night guards, dental splints can protect against further wear of your teeth, headaches, and grinding itself.
Invisible Aligners
Straighten and whiten your teeth in as little as 6 months, with clear aligners or aesthetic braces. These aligners are practically invisible, and more affordable than braces. Prices may be less if your teeth only need very minimal correction.
Dental Implants
Don't be ashamed of your missing teeth. Dental implants are a strong, long-lasting replacement tooth that can help you regain your confidence. Payment plans are available to help with the cost of treatment.