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Removable Dentures

For some, tooth loss is unavoidable, especially in old age. However, with advances in technology and research, there continues to be more options for replacement of missing teeth. Dentures, or removable dental plates are the most cost effective option.

Replace your lost teeth

Take back your life — and your missing teeth. Don't ever feel ashamed to get a plate if you need it. The benefits far outweigh any perceived cost.
Removable dental plates help support your jaw and facial muscles for a natural, youthful look.

Removable dental plates, or removable dentures, are false teeth that are fitted to replace your lost teeth. Aside from filling the gaps, these dental plates also help support the facial and jaw muscles so that you maintain your youthful look as well as your biting and chewing functions. If you have most of your teeth missing but still have some healthy teeth left, you can use a partial removable dental plate. This has some false teeth located along a plate to replace your missing teeth.

Cost friendly
Partial plates are an economical option for patients who can't afford more expensive options.

Enjoy eating
Say goodbye to chewing difficulties and painful eating. You can now eat anything you want with removable dental plates.
Fill large gaps with dentures
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Get answers about dentures

How are removable dental plates made?
They are made through a series of visits. A series of impressions and records of your mouth are taken to get the best record of your mouth, teeth, and the relationship of the jaws. This is done over 2-3 visits. A dental technician then constructs the partial plate so it fits these records perfectly.
What can I expect after getting removable dental plates?
You can expect your dental plates to feel bulky and awkward as you get used to wearing them. Sometimes even up to 6 months. It is a form of rehabilitation, so expect it to be a little tough initially. However, if you persist, they will become like furniture in the mouth and you won't even notice.
Why do my removable dental plates hurt?
Removable dental plates can hurt you when it puts too much pressure on certain areas in your gum. In cases like this, you should contact your denture dentist for adjustment so your plates can fit more comfortably.
How do I care for my removable dental plates?
Your dentist will recommend a dental cleaner, which is specially made for your dental plates. Remove the plates from your mouth and brush them each day to remove food debris and prevent plaque build-up. Avoid using toothpaste or dishwashing liquid as these can be too harsh and abrasive. Also be careful not to drop your dentures as they may break.